Are you thinking about selling your villa, finca or country house? If so, with Dragt Villas S.L you will enjoy of a great selling service oriented to get the fastest and most profitable results for you.

We are specialists selling villas, fincas and houses in Benissa and other cities of the lovely Costa Blanca North. We can guarantee an efficient selling service, based on provide the highest notoriety to your property along local and international markets.

At Dragt Villas S.L we have a deep knowledge about the property market, as well as more than 15 years of experience.

Bring in a real estate agency when selling your house

What are the advantages? A real estate agency is able to command a much wider audience of potential purchasers than you as a private individual. We will advertise in local newspapers, we see many visitors in our office, attractive photographs and details can be posted in our office window and, of course, there is our internet web site.

A wide coverage is important, because the more prospective buyers the better your selling chances! If you choose to arrange it all by yourself, then you have to use all the methods mentioned above for only one property. It is very difficult to market successfully on your own without previous experience.

We, Dragt Villas S.L, are specialists in this. Marketing is what we do every day. Let us use our experience on your behalf and it will be much to your advantage!


Before putting a property on the market we will carry out an assessment, following a visit to your property. As well as the location and facilities of a house, we will consider the architectural condition of a house, the local infrastructure of services and current market conditions before advising on the price level at which marketing should begin. We will also wish to know which items (e.g.: furniture) will remain in the property and will form part of the sale and which items will be removed by the vendor before the sale is completed.

Who pays the real estate agent?

The vendor pays the estate agent at a rate arranged before the property is marketed. Please contact us for further details.

Rely on Dragt Villas S.L and we will start searching the right potential buyers for your house, villa or finca on the Costa Blanca North.