Private Sale

We can provide you agreat and complete service selling your house in Benissa, Jalón, Calpe, Altea, Parcent, Lliber or other point of the Costa Blanca North.

Sales assistance

You have decided to put your house on the market for sale on your own and you want to arrange all the details with the prospective buyer. You will soon find out that this is quite challenging in many respects.

Why is Sales assistance?

You can choose a lawyer or administrator to assist you. They certainly can assist you in this process.

We at Dragt Villas S.L are specialised in sales assistance. Our market-experience and legal advisers are better able to coach you during the entire process. During this process we only look after your interests as seller.

Our sales assistance services include the following:

From the first viewing: When your potential buyer has visited your home, and would like to start negotiations, you have to call us in. You, together with us at Dragt Villas S.L, and the prospective buyer (and/or its representative) will set a second date for viewing your home. During this second viewing we assist you in answering any relevant questions from the prospective buyer.

Negotiations: We at Dragt Villas S.L have professional experience for many years in negotiations in real-estate matters here in Spain. We know price and condition issues. A suitable negotiation strategy will be proposed to you in advance, and with your prior agreement. We will then implement this strategy, on your behalf. You will remain appraised of the progress, and if you prefer, can participate or play a certain pre-determined role in this process.

Sales Contract: Upon completion of the negotiations, our legal experts prepare a sales contract with terms and conditions which reflect the promises made in regard to price, payment conditions, schedules/ specific dates, penalties etc to firmly and clearly protect your interests as the Seller.

The Notary: Dragt Villas S.L will prepare you for the Notary procedures and practices in advance. In Spain, the Notary constructs the legal documents based on the information provided by the transferring parties. Our role is to verify and deliver the correct information, including a last-minute check with the cadastral office. During the transfer in the notary office we will co-sign these critical documents. Prior to the actual transfer, we will inspect and witness the status of your property one last time together with the buyer, to avoid any last-minute troubles and/or future claims.

Request for Sales assistance:

The fee for purchase assistance and support is a fixed amount, regardless of the value of the property.

We’ll be happy to sit down with you to explain the process in detail without charge. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking a complete professional assistance selling your house in Benissa or other city of the Costa Blanca North.