Private Purchase

Private Purchase

If you are looking for fincas for sale in Jalón, Lliber, Parcent, Benissa, Teulada, Moraira or any other point of the north of Alicante region, we will help to find the right property for you by our professional purchase assistance.

Purchase Assistance

In times of a wide offer on the house market many purchasers think: “I arrange everything myself”. However, if you have found a house that you want to buy, there are many, many things to sort out and to arrange.

Why purchase assistance?

You can choose for purchase assistance by a lawyer or by an administration office. They will assist you by the checking of all papers, escrituras, checking with the Cadastre, etc.

We at Dragt Villas S.L can assist and support you even better because of our experience in the real estate market and through our legal advisers.

Our purchase assistance services include the following:

From the very first visit onwards: If you have visited a house and you have the impression that this property satisfies your wishes and requirements, you contact us. In agreement with you and the seller or the selling real estate agent the date for a second visit will be established. We will accompany you on that second visit. We also will take care of the complete pre-investigation, such as cadastral data, destination plan for the area, the duration that the property has been for sale, etc.

We have considerable professional experience in dealing with negotiations and know exactly what to take into account in terms of price and conditions. The negotiation strategy will be agreed and discussed with you beforehand and of course you will be kept up-to-date with the progress of the negotiations.

The sales contract: When you have come to an agreement with the seller, a sales contract needs to be drawn up. All agreements and conditions are state in this document, such as: the sales price, the date of handover (date for the notary), any special conditions and exceptions, any fines for non-compliance, etc. More often than not the selling real estate agent, or the house owner, will prepare this draft contract. To make absolutely sure that all agreements and conditions are included and that your interests and conditions are well and completely described, we will carefully examine this draft contract, and, if necessary, we will make corrections and adjustments. If the seller has no real estate agent, we can prepare, in close cooperation with you, the sales agreement.

The notary: We also take care of support and assistance with all matters related to the paperwork and dealings with the notary. You and Dragt Villas will inspect the house before it is transferred to you. This to ensure that everything is left according to the agreements made. The notary prepares the legal purchase document based on the data given to him. This document has to be checked thoroughly including the data from the Cadastre. This document has to be duly signed by you (in our presence, i.e. the agent and the associated lawyer), and by the selling party.

Offer for purchase assistance and support

The fee for purchase assistance and support is a fixed amount, regardless of the value of the property. Of course, you can contact us for a free discussion on this subject or request to receive our conditions and terms.