Buy Resale Finca in Lliber, Costa Blanca North. 360 days of sun in a year

Buy Resale Finca in Lliber, Costa Blanca North. 360 days of sun in a year

Find the perfect place to live a permanent vacation property next to the Mediterranean sea is possible with Dragt Villas SL. Buying a second hand farm Lliber in Northern Costa Blanca has never been easier. 

In the wide range of properties Dragt Villas SL you will find homes of all kinds. From chalets to villas, cottages and bungalows. And the conditions that best suit each particular client. We have houses to sell, rent or hire a product long lasting. We also help our clients also to their selling or renting your property for the months that will not happen in our country. 

Dragt Villas SL has been working for clients, mainly Dutch, German, English or French in order to help them achieve the home of your dreams with the best facilities that are possible over 15 years. Our customer service support after sales is one of the hallmarks that owns this company. Once you have purchased your property, advise and will lend assistance in dealing with things like health insurance, sale of furniture, or request and explanation of any documents that you request. Also Dragt Villas SL has a private lawyer in the country of destination from our customers that will provide legal assistance whenever you need it. 

Another thing to keep in mind if you are looking for an estate resale in Lliber, Costa Blanca North is that if by chance that you are looking for was not on our catalog Dragt Villas SL we work for the client, so would try to find you a home with the features you are looking for. 

Coming to live on the Costa Blanca enter into a way of life in which nearly every day is summer and there are plenty of activities to take place outdoors and enjoy the wonderful climate with which has this area of ​​Spain. In towns and cities where our properties have been created, with the passage of time and due to the massive influx of people from northern Europe, a number of international communities in which people from places with worse weather coming Spain to relax and enjoy your good time on the many beaches, golf courses, shops, bars and restaurants you'll find here. 

Contact us and choose from our catalog of properties which is the one you like. And remember that if you are thinking of having your own farm Lliber resale or any other area of the Spanish Levante we are at the perfect time as prices are at their lowest point.