Rent House in Senja Costa Blanca North. Come to live in a paradise

rent house in senija costa blanca north

If you are thinking of renting a house in Senja, north of the Spanish Costa Blanca in Dragt Villas SL you can find the perfect property for you. 

Dragt Villas SL has been working in the north of the Spanish Costa Blanca, selling, renting, or helping to sell homes, chalets, bungalows or cottages for over 15 years. If you are looking for a property for a long term rental for a relaxing holiday or just want to move to a place where it is summer almost all year, trust in a company with experience and expertise. 

Our customers, mostly Dutch but also work with Germans, French or British know that after the bursting of the housing bubble we are in an ideal time to buy a home on the Spanish Costa Blanca, on the Mediterranean Sea. 

With a substantially lower prices to our customers in their countries of origin, enjoy the Lifestyle Spanish is very easy if you trust in a leader in its industry partners. Our properties are in locations provided all basic facilities and various entertainment options, party or relax. If you rent house in Senija Costa Blanca Golf, you can enjoy it all

As Spain has its own legislation, which can be distinguished into something that we find in our countries of origin, Dragt Villas SL provides legal assistance for you in the country of origin. That is, a professional lawyer who will be responsible for questions or help in any process that you must solve. Our after sales service is our mark of distinction because, once our customers have made the contract to move into a property on the Costa Blanca, we offer a service free advice and assistance to help you resolve issues such as the purchase furniture, paperwork, hiring an insurance ... etc. Our goal is to help you live your dream in paradise, away from cold places and harsh weather conditions in northern Europe. 

So if you're looking to rent house in Costa Blanca North Senja, trust enDragt Villas SL. We have a wide range of properties in various locations. Find the one that best fits your preferences or suggest you're looking for and we'll get it. Contact us and start building your story in paradise.